Street Party

Published : 29/12/2008 19:00:55
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Many of you will have seen street parties featured for big celebrations on the television, but why not consider one yourself. As long as you have people with you to help out the event could be a huge success. Of course it would take some planning and perhaps some permission from the local authorities. Simply stock up on party supplies like paper plates, balloons and party banners and you are half way there.

You will need tables and chairs to line the street (providing your local council has been kind enough to close it)  providing everyone is organised you could end up having a great time. Get the help of local neighbours, with the food preparations and finally get everyone together beneath the party banners to begin your street party celebrations.

This kind of party can be held to get your street or community together and bring back the good old days. If you want to make it more traditional you can look up how street parties looked and were run after the first and second world wars.

Perhaps even encourage everyone to dress accordingly for the event. Food from post war times will include sandwiches, cold meats and trifles, all things that can be found to this day. The drink's can be anything from cups of tea to juice, but sadly no alcohol will be allowed at your street party – never mind prohibition, apparently it's the law!

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