Summer Party Cocktails - Vodka Watermelon!

Published : 14/05/2009 18:56:44
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Summer's coming and that's party time, whether at the beach or just in your back garden it's time to party and that means cooling, refreshing summer party cocktails. In the summer no one wants a thick, heavy drink, summer is the time for light, cold, refreshing cocktails. In my youth I had the most beach fun when everything was impromptu including the booze. No party supplies or decorations, just a swim suit, music and a few friends. One of the easiest and tastiest and I might add, least expensive ways to accommodate a bunch of guests is with one watermelon and a bottle of vodka, that's it except for a knife and some glasses and lots of ice.

Simply "plug" the watermelon, that is, cut a triangular hole through the skin and pulp all the way into the centre of the watermelon (a long knife is best) then pour the vodka in the hole. Put the plug back in the hole and submerge the melon in an ice cold tub, replacing the ice regularly to keep the melon cold. There are three ways to enjoy this vodka watermelon cocktail; you can unplug the melon and give each guest a long straw, whenever they want a sip they can help themselves, or you can pour the melon juice, now nicely infused with the vodka, into your half pint tumblers or , when most of the juice has been poured or sipped you can then slice the water melon and provide each person with the ultimate flavoured refreshment.

One caution, it is very easy to forget that you are drinking alcohol when something tastes as good as this, it is very easy to over imbibe especially when drinking through a straw, so unless you have a lot of guests at your party you may want to go easy with the quantity of vodka you add to this wonderful party cocktail.

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