Summer Party Punch

Published : 08/05/2009 20:51:50
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Are you looking for a fruit summer punch recipe for your summer party? It's almost impossible to screw up punch so if you were worried about it you can stop. The good thing about punch is that, unlike a cocktail, it doesn't have to be constructed in fact in most cases the less constructed it is the better. There is a planters punch from the Caribbean that recommends tossing every left over bottle of fruit juice every unused slice of fruit and even some flower petals into a tub of ice, throw in some rum to taste, and enjoy.

That's my kind of recipe, but if you need a bit more structure let me recommend a sort of Hawaiian party punch that combines honey, orange, pineapple and grapefruit juice, chopped pineapple and chopped melon, a seeded orange, some ginger ale and a bunch of rum. ARR Matey! Now that's punch, I haven't given amounts because it doesn't matter, start with a small batch and mess with it till it tastes the way you like it, I recommend going easy on the pineapple though, it can be over powering.  

For those less fortunate among us you can always make a batch leaving out the rum; a small batch! I think, for punch to really be authentic, it needs to be presented well. A galvanized tub and some ice periodically added to the mix is a good start. Pick up a few party supplies and decorations to dress your tub or plastic serving bucket. Instead of serving the punch like you would a cocktail, issue jam jars or something like them and let the party goers help themselves, just a quick swipe with the jar and they are off and running. Punch is supposed to be a light refreshing cooler type drink, so however you make it, keep that in mind as well, keep in mind punch is very tasty and can disguise the taste of the alcohol, go easy.

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Punch Recipes

19/05/2009 06:32:20

I hadn't thought of putting out big tubs of punch. I've got a ton of frozen fruit and some interesting fruit reductions from a canning expedition gone awry. I could go freestyle like you suggested. Thanks! Now I have a ton of ideas. Great blog! :)

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