Summer Solstice

Published : 05/06/2009 11:51:36
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Being something of a Pagan myself, the Summer Solstice holds a special place in my heart. If I were to decide to celebrate it with a party, I doubt that I could dream of a better place to honour that time of year than at Stonehenge. I'm not talking about taking off all your clothes and prancing about in the buff, you can if you want to, but I am talking about having a nice picnic party with the family in one of the most historically revered places in the world, and before the advent of modern religion it was one of the most holy.

Every God imaginable was honoured at Stonehenge, for thousands of years, and the Summer Solstice was its most revered ceremony.   There are plenty of altars available so you can sacrifice your wife or your kids if you want to, or you can just bring a blanket and a cooler, some sandwiches or fish and chips and have a nice family party celebrating the start of summer. If you really want to get ambitious you can set up a May Pole, your party supplies store will be able to help with those arrangements and while you are there you can pick up the paper plates and party cups.

If you decide on the May Pole it might be a good idea to get some party invitations and bring some of the neighbourhood kids along. We have May Day parties all over the country, usually with a May Pole, which is a direct descendent of a Pagan ritual celebrating the rites of spring. So if you decide not to bring the kids, just stick around until it gets dark and I am sure you will find any number of folks that are just dying to take their clothes off and invite you to join them.

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