Super Heroes

Published : 15/02/2009 14:22:11
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My eight year old son and his friends love super heroes. He is on a football team with a group of boys, and they spend a lot of time together. The parents of these boys, my wife and I included, invite the team to birthday parties and other events. This creates some pressure on the parents hosting the party to make sure that each party is unique, and fun. We just know the kids are comparing and judging us.

The boys have some very strongly held beliefs about their favourite super heroes. One boy had a Spiderman party, and the debate grew around which super heroes would defeat which other super heroes. The whole idea that they would work together to defeat the villains, much like a football team works together to play a game, was just lost on these kids. Would Spiderman win? Would Batman win? How about the Hulk? How would he do?

The kids actually came up with the idea of a Super Heroes party with all the trimmings. This ment the party supplies, scene setters balloons and of course the party bags too had to be in a mixture of all their favourite characters. Each kid could come dressed as his favourite hero, complete with mask and cape. They would set up challenges that would test the super powers of each super hero. When I asked my son how he would use a web to swing from building to building, he explained that it was all in his imagination. The kids were planning on testing each hero based on their imaginary skill challenges. Two other factors were how many kids came dressed as the same hero (three Spidermans beats two Hulks) and if anybody abandoned their hero during the party and switched allegiances to another hero (switching from a Batman to a Power Ranger).

While this exercise may never settle the debate, it sounds like the Super heroes party will be a lot of fun. I just hope they don't choose me as the villain!


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