Sweet Heart Party

Published : 15/02/2009 19:14:23
Categories : Seasonal Parties

My eight year old son's class at school is planning a Valentine's Day celebration. Interestingly enough, they are not calling it a Valentine's Day celebration, they are calling it a Sweet Heart Party. I guess Valentine’s Day is a little bit too close to Saint Valentine’s Day. They are very careful not to call a Christmas celebration a Christmas celebration-it is a Winter Celebration. Halloween is nt Halloween, it is an Autumn Festival.   Regardless of its title, the Sweet Heart Party definitely has a Valentine's Day feel to it. My wife volunteers for both my son’s and my daughter’s class, so I get all of the news directly from her. The kids have been working on this project for the entire week. The theme is red, and kids are making cutout hearts to give to each other, their parents, and their teacher. My wife’s volunteer group is contributing some money for decorative balloons and party supplies, red of course.   The school has an interesting policy about food. First, it is a tree nut and peanut free zone, since so many kids have allergies. How they police that is beyond my reckoning, but nothing is allowed in that contains any kind of nuts. Second, in the interests of promoting healthy living, kids are not supposed to be rewarded with chocolate, biscuits, or other kinds of sweets (tell that to Zero the Hero, but that is a story for another day). I do not know what could possibly be left to give the kids as a treat for a Sweet Heart Party. Surely they are not going to cut up carrots and celery into heart shapes? My wife was not sure either. I hope the class is able to bend the rules a little bit, so the kids can have sweets at their Sweet Heart Party.

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