Sweet Sixteen – Her 16th Birthday Party

Published : 28/03/2009 06:42:47
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you ask a girl what one of her fondest memories of her teenage years is, aside from getting her coveted driving license (in some countries anyway) or taking a trip with friends to a concert, she will most likely say it is of her sweet sixteen, 16th birthday party.   The sweet sixteen party is almost like a rite of passage, of a girl passing from childhood into womanhood. It is often quite a big deal, and can sometimes take a lot of planning, and a lot of detail. The birthday girl, usually picks a theme, and then everything revolves around it.   Plentiful party supplies and party decorations are a must. Crepe paper, tablecovers, streamers, banners, table confetti and even shimmer door curtains to hang from windows and doorways are popular items to have. Your young lady will undoubtedly have strong opinions about what gifts from the guests are most appropriate. Simple children's toys that were great fun just last year may no longer be the right thing for your young adult. Just ask her. She'll tell you.

With any party, try to keep cleanup to a minimum. While the guest of honour may prefer crystal glasses, she will not likely be the first to volunteer for post-party cleanup. Disposable tableware is an essential component of the sweet sixteen party. To keep in line with the ease of disposable items, and since the party is being held for somebody celebrating the transition to adulthood, more sophisticated items, such as plastic champagne flutes, are a good way to go.   Of course one of the most important things at your daughters sweet sixteen party is the cake. Looking for birthday cakes can be time consuming so you need to leave enough time to plan and order it. Never leave your sweet sixteen birthday cake to the last minute. Disappointment at this stage in the game may leave memories of cake deprivation rather than memories of happy 16th fun and frivolities and you know she'll never let you live that one down, no matter how good the party turns out!

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