Take a Birthday Balloon Flight

Published : 19/05/2009 20:09:11
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Do you want to do something a little different? How about setting up a balloon flight as a birthday celebration? Ballooning has been around for centuries and for good reason, a flight in a hot air balloon is a tranquil, romantic, truly fun experience. There are many qualified, experienced and licensed ballooning companies in the UK with over seventy launch sites scattered throughout the country.

You can choose one close by and get a different perspective of your local area, or make it a car trip to somewhere you have not yet been, for a delightful new experience and a novel way of locating a pub or a church or a hotel for later use. Virtually all balloon flights take off in the early morning or the late evening because at those times of day the winds are more favourable. I prefer the romanticism of a champagne flight for two but if your birthday balloon flight plans include your friends, up to six people can be accommodated on a flight. If you are planning a bigger birthday party, say a nice outdoor breakfast party with catered food and champagne, what better way to arrive in the midst of your gathered guests than by hot air balloon.

Now that’s an entrance!  These flights can be as “hands on” as you like, most people really enjoy getting into the whole experience by helping to inflate the balloon, it’s sort of a nifty ritual and takes several people to accomplish it successfully. Once the balloon is inflated you can throw in the champagne, grab your camera and your binoculars and you are all set. The basket will be a lot warmer than the surrounding atmosphere because of the residual heat provided by the burner, so you can leave your B-17 tail gunner jacket at home.

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