Take in a London Show

Published : 28/05/2009 18:30:19
Categories : Party Venues

If you are planning a birthday and trying to decide what to do for that special event, you might consider a London show. The trip down to London, in itself, can be a real treat, throw in a nice Hotel, a good dinner, and a play and you have yourself a very memorable occasion. Birthday's can be difficult as far as planning that perfect venue is concerned, but the theatre can be a wonderful experience and be made age appropriate with a few choice party supplies such as a few 40th birthday , 50th or 60th balloons and a sash.If you are planning for one of the kids' birthdays, for instance, an evening at The Lion King is something they will never forget. Mamma Mia is playing and that’s fun for everyone. London shows are very popular so a really good idea is to get some sort of package. If you decide not to spend the night, then a show and dinner package might be right for you.You can pick your favourite London show and get reservations for either a pre-play or post-play meal at a restaurant close to the theatre. These packages afford the benefit of compatibility in that the restaurants in the theatre district are well aware of the theatre times and will get you on your way in plenty of time to make the first act.If you have decided to make a night of it, good idea by the way, your hotel concierge, given enough time, will be able to get you good tickets to a London show and reservations to your preferred restaurant. If you do decide to spend the night, a post theatre meal, either in the hotel or elsewhere, will allow you to avoid the crowd that is inevitable pre-performance. Rushing through dinner to make a curtain call is not my cup of tea but a nice quiet Birthday Dinner afterwards, and a leisurely stroll back to the hotel is just my thing.

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