Take to the outdoors with a Survivor birthday party

Published : 24/12/2008 07:55:14
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

With the current popularity of so many reality survival shows such as "I'm a Celebrity" and "Survivor" a great theme for pre-teens age 8 to 12 might be a survivor birthday party theme.  You can decorate to make your home look like the great outdoors easily, and then use the actual outdoors to create a combination of activities that will make the children feel as if they really are in a real challenge on the television.

For decoration, you may want to go with a camouflage colour theme green and black/brown for all of your party supplies. You would want to follow through the colours for your balloons and decorations.  Since survivor shows usually take place around the world, you may want to consider theming a few different rooms in your house as separate locations, such as the Paris room and the Hawaii room.  Posters and tin foil wall decorations can really come in handy here. This way, you can give the kids the feeling they are really travelling throughout the party as they complete their tasks.  To get the Survivor birthday party going, you may consider hosting a campfire chat in the main room around a few candles, instructing the kids to have courage and might, as they embark on their travels.  From here it is up to you how you structure the events. You might have them in the back garden racing through an obstacle course, or perform a timed activity such as which group can set up a tent the quickest.  Inside games can include scavenger hunts, memory games, and trivia depending on how well and how much time you want to put into planning your survivor birthday party. Given the outdoor theme, for lunch you’ll need to purchase tablecovers for an outside picnic table and provide buffet items such as ants on a log (peanut butter pretzels with raisins) and gummy worms for the party favor bags.   Finally, no survivor birthday party would be complete without rewards and cake, so before the cutting of the cake you may want to give your winning team a medal or a trophy depending on the extensive design of your games.  For your birthday cake, a volcano cake, or a custom made cake ordered online that is designed with flames will provide the perfect end to your party.

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