Teenagers Party Rally Style

Published : 15/06/2009 15:48:17
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

With teenagers it seems there are as many reasons to have a party as there are days in the week. Let's face it, most of the things that can happen to a person start happening to teenagers. Getting your driving license, graduating high school, the big dance, the first boyfriend, the first late night out without mum and dad around, all that stuff, and most of it is a good cause to celebrate. The dance, the date, the graduation party they are all fairly typical and pretty easy to make happen, so how about the driving license.

How about getting your kids and their friends together and taking them all for a day at the track. If the kids are new to driving, then what better place to learn the basics. If the group has been driving for awhile a few hours at a rally school will be just the ticket with the result being a much safer driver in the bargain. What teenager doesn't love to drive, and if you combine driving with a party and the end result is a much more competent motor vehicle operator; there just isn’t a down side.

Most rally schools have programs for group classes and the ones I have attended start with a ground school to teach the "drivers line" after which there is a break for lunch, this lunch break is a perfect time to have a bit of food and some refreshments, then it’s on to the track where the real fun begins. The students will start out in cars with governors set to somewhere around two thousand RPM until everyone can get around without scaring the instructors, then the governors are reset. Some schools change cars for the second or third session, the last one I went to had Porsches and that's when it got really serious. Anyway this trip will make your teenagers party something very special and something they will remember it for a very long time to come.

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