Tequila Taste Test Party

Published : 20/01/2009 13:45:59
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We recently attended a Cinco de Mayo party where we enjoyed Mexican food, beer, and tequila. My children enjoyed a salsa taste test. In truth, my daughter enjoyed it more than her older brother. The test ran from least to most spicy. He did not continue the test after the second salsa. To his credit, I did not make it past the first one. My wife stopped at the third. My daughter loved the spiciest one of all.

After this party, I suggested that we host a tequila taste test. She first thought it was a great idea, until I explained further. I thought that we could invite our guests, and each couple could bring a bottle for us all to sample. She figured that first we would have too much tequila, and that second our family members would all show up with the cheapest bottle they could find. I laughed, knowing she was right!

We decided that we would buy four different types of tequila. This would help us manage the quality of the taste testing. We would ask our guests to bring a margarita recipe, and tortilla chips or salsa. We copied the frozen berry lemonade that our hosts served at their Cinco de Mayo party. It was a huge hit with the kids.

Apparently, copying recipes was not a novel idea. I did a Google search for a margarita recipe, and printed the first one. Three other party guests came with that exact recipe (these are exactly the guys that would have all brought the same bottle of cheap tequila). We decorated in party supplies and decorations for a Wild West cowboy theme, and planned on making margaritas with the leftover tequila. Well, we never got to the margaritas. Apparently we have some very indecisive tequila tasters who had to repeat the test several times before coming to a decision.


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