The Apprentice - Cocktail Parties to Perfection!

Published : 29/03/2009 13:00:19
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Who doesn't like to get away on a Friday or Saturday night and spend the night with their pals drinking cocktails? Many people love to attend cocktail parties, and some even like to throw their own parties. If you feel like this is something you might want to do, then take a look at these simple tips that will help you throw the perfect cocktail party.

The first thing that you need to do is make a list of guests that you can invite. You want to invite a decent amount of people so that you can get a real mix going around. From there, you will make and send out your party invitations and move on to the next step. Make a list of the type of cocktails that you will have available at your party, and then purchase your alcohol accordingly.

Pick up plastic martini glass ware, disposable plastic glasses and champagne flutes, anything that'll add to speed at which you can produce your cocktails will help. Talking of speed and cocktail parties, did you see those bar tenders whipping up those cocktails on The Apprentice the other night - unbelievable!!! I wonder if you can employ those guys for an evening at your party - now that would defiantly be entertaining! Nothing stopping you from having a go at this at your own party I guess but I imagine it's got to take a few years of dedication to get up to that kind of speed and skill. Mmm think I might leave that one to the experts! (and I don't mean Nick and Margaret). Actually come to think of it, I'd love to see their heads supperinposed onto the bodies of the cocktail waiters - come on Mr Graham Norton you know we all want to see this.

Once you have all of the shopping out of the way, then you can start the set up. Maybe pick out a neat retro style colour scheme and look so everyone can get into the swing of things. If you set the mood just right, then the party should go off without a hitch! If you want to be bold, you can even throw a themed cocktail party where everyone has to dress up as a certain character or time era.

A Hollywood Party Theme works well here or maybe even A Casino Party Evening to add a touch of splendour without the headache of having to re invent the wheel. A Black and Gold party theme works equally well for cocktail parties and it's pretty easy to get hold of simple yet effective party supplies, decorations and black and gold party accessories such as party poppers that won't break the bank. You can even get lifesize card board cut outs of your favourite T.V and Movie stars...sorry but Nick and Margaret not available me if you really really just can't do without one thouigh and I'll see what I can do...There are plenty of ideas out there so check them out!

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