The Big Secret To Creating The Best Children's Party Ever

Published : 15/09/2011 07:45:24
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As a parent very little beats hearing your child after their birthday party saying "That was the best party ever!" Such an honest expression of delight almost makes all the hard work seem worthwhile. But how do you achieve that level of satisfaction? Whilst there's no one right answer, and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with how much money you throw at the event, there is one golden secret which will make a huge difference.

If you want to make sure that your child enjoys their party and feels thoroughly delighted and happy afterwards then the one big secret is to make sure that right from the very start they are actively involved in the entire process.

Now, some parents may baulk at this idea, imagining that involving their child in the process will either result in them spending their entire inheritance on a single event, or a series of tantrums and arguments as you gently explain that they simply can't have everything they want because it's too expensive. However, the reality is that if you involve your child from the very start then this does significantly increase the likelihood of them feeling that the whole event was one of the best parties ever. Mickey Mouse Party PlatesBy getting your child involved they can feel a sense of ownership and by helping to plan things such as having a theme, choosing an entertainer and the items for the party gift bags they will get as much excitement from the planning and the anticipation as the event itself, making the whole thing seem to last longer in their eyes.

They'll be able to look forward to sharing their ideas and plan with their friends on the day, and this will give them an extra sense of enjoyment. Obviously this doesn't work for very young children, or if you specifically want the party to be a complete surprise, but you'll be surprised just how effective it can be to have your child play an active role in the planning process. It does greatly increase the chance of them turning to you afterwards and claiming that that really was the greatest party of their lives. Even if that's only a span of time roughly equal to the credit term offered on a sofa.

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21/09/2011 12:51:36

It's surprising how children have pretty good ideas as far as planning a party is concerned even at 3 or 4. Influences from their friends' parties or from TV tend to give them ideas, and of course browsing through a website like this one offers a good choice of possibilities. Older children could even be given a budget to work within, giving them valuable life skills in the process!

Marius (Go-Crazy)

21/09/2011 12:46:25

Absolutely great idea to get youngsters involved in party planning. So far we allowed to select their birthday cake only, but now they need to get involved in venue place search and even meals ordering. Now they ar 3 and 4 :)


15/09/2011 10:41:31

Glad you found the post useful! I hope your next party is a success.

Soft Play Hire

15/09/2011 10:35:19

I will most certianly be following your advice for our next birthday party! Thanks!

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