The Burning Question – Was It Four Candles Or Fork Handles?

Published : 06/08/2010 21:56:15
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Themes and Occasions

What's a party without a cake, and what's a cake without party candles? For children it's important to have candles on your cake, because when you're six, you're really proud of it. When you're forty six you're less proud of it, but to children, even the number six is big.

It's often all they've ever known. Six is who they are. We offer two main types of birthday party candles – the ones you add more and more of each year until the birthday cake has to be about four feet long and is carried in by three adults on a surfboard, and the numerical type which allows you to create any number you like – even 100 or more! If you're going to go for a special birthday cake such as our Noddy cake or the Mickey Mouse cake then adding eight candles simply won't work.

It just isn't acceptable to have bunches of candles wedged all over Noddy's face like something from a horror film. Using a single number 8 birthday candle means that you can have the cake presented looking as stunning as it should do, but with a special candle to blow out as well. For less fancifully decorated birthday cakes then you can simply add as many cakes as your child has had birthdays. Why not consider our gorgeous Peppa Pig birthday candles, or for the young buccaneer in the family perhaps a line of Pirates of the Caribbean birthday candles all set to walk the plank? Of course, when it comes to our number candles, you can use these for adults too. Either embarrass someone you know, or be a little creative. Like the fire brigade who gave one of their lads a birthday cake with the numbers '999' burning away on top! Still, at least he shouldn't have had too much trouble putting them out!

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