The Coming Home Party

Published : 04/12/2008 07:55:13
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

When my good friend Jack was returning from a combat tour of Iraq we wanted to throw him a big party to express our happiness that he returned safely from harm’s way and to thank him for his service to our country.

So I would like to pass on some tips on how to throw a great Coming Home Party.

A Coming Home party has a lot in common with Birthday Parties or Retirement Parties or any other type of party. But it has a really special meaning not only for families and close friends but also communities as well. So having an announcement in the local paper is a great way to honour the guest of honour. You can contact local TV and radio stations too.

You will want to have some Party Banners, Balloons and other Party Accessories with the guest of honour's name on them. Have some plastic Champagne flutes for everyone to toast the guest of honour.

Arrange to rent or borrow a small PA system so that people who are really close friends and family can give some speeches - short speeches we would hope! But the whole idea is to make sure that this is a special event for your loved one; ask a friend to make a video and take photos of the occasion, because in years to come you'll be greatfull for the documentation of such memories.

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