The Fastest Party Trick In The World

Published : 07/10/2010 23:34:24
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One of the things we like doing in this blog is sharing some of the cool party tricks and magic tricks which we've come across, and passing them on to you so that you can take all the credit! In today's blog post I'm going to describe a great party trick which will really keep people guessing, and can be performed impromptu.

It is just as popular with children as with adults, and is very easy to perform, but really does look impossible. Let me describe what the audience sees, and see if you can work out how on earth it could be done. You pick up a pack of cards, a borrowed pack of cards is fine, and for children you can even use a happy families pack of cards or something similar, as long as every card is different.

Fan the cards out and let your volunteer choose any card they like, without letting you see what it is. Once your volunteer has looked at their card, which really is a completely free choice, and perhaps shown it to one of two of their friends so that they definitely know what card it is, you hold out the squared deck facedown, and let them slide their card back into the deck and any position they like, facedown of course. The pack is squared up and placed on the table in front of you. You then tell your audience that you're about to perform the fastest card trick in the world, and that you need them to be paying attention, and to watch really, really closely. Pick up the pack of cards, keeping it facedown and remind them that this is going to be a very fast trick.

If you like, you can get the audience to count to three, and in the space of just a single second you whip the cards behind your back and bring them back out again putting the deck face down on the table. As far as the audience is concerned the pack of cards was only behind your back for about one second, and that there would be no possible way in which you could have done anything in that space of time. However, you ask the volunteer to spread the deck out across the table, and as they do so they notice that there is only one playing card in the entire deck which is face up. Surprise, surprise, it's the card they chose! Sounds good, doesn't it? So would you like to know the secret?

Do you fancy the idea of performing this little trick at your next party, or perhaps even for the kids? Well don't worry, the answer is on its way. Just make sure you check this blog out regularly, as all will be revealed fairly shortly!

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