The Good, The Bad And The Bubbly - Wild, Wild West Party Ideas

Published : 10/08/2010 20:10:49
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Yeeeeeehah! if you're looking for a smokin' party then how about rustlin' up a little of that ol' wild west, guns and saloons, tough boys (and even tougher girls), snakeskin boots and as much leather as you think you can legally get away with wearing in public. A wild west themed party can be a great idea, but often the only thing people can really think of including is a heap of fancy dress and a few dodgy looking sambucas. But with a little imagination and a few tumbleweeds you can have your party venue decked out to look as though Hopalong Cassidy'll just amble through that door any moment.

In fact, you could achieve just that, with a Hopalong Cassidy life size cut out, and a wild west door banner that looks just like a set of classic wild west shutters ready to be smashed open by the dark stranger, new in town, and with a look that could make granite crack. But for just a few pounds and a little preparation time you can turn any room into a really authentic feeling wild west venue that will really help get the show on the road from the very start. First of all, pick up a bar with bottles room roll, or one of the other scene setter rolls.

These are massive twelve metre long rolls that you can stick to the walls of your room, creating a really atmospheric and realistic scene really quickly. An old wagon wheel propped up in the corner, a saloon sign handily positioned so that guests, (sorry, 'varmint's') can find their way to the important areas easily, and perhaps even some rusty barbed wire garlands tied up around the place for that cosy look, (don't worry, they're only plastic, but you may find your guests giving them a wide berth in any case!) If you have a few kids' toy guns, the ones that shoot foam balls, you can have your very own quick draw games, or perhaps simply find out who can down the sambucas without changing that stone cold expression.

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