The History of Birthday Candles

Published : 05/01/2009 13:38:26
Categories : Interesting Party Facts

Anyone that has had a party will be familiar with the age old tradition of placing birthday candles on top of the cake and blowing them out to make that special birthday wish. Have you ever thought about the history of the birthday candle and where the age old tradition originates from? Probably not! But we would like to share the history behind the birthday candle with you...

The first usage of candles for birthday celebrations can be dated all the way back until the ancient Greek civilisation. They used to make birthday cakes to offer to the goddess of the moon (Artemis) The logic behind this idea was that the candle light on a round birthday cake resembled the glowing of the moon somewhat, and that simply by placing the candle in the centre of the cake this action represented the light of life.

Today many people believe that by having birthday candles on the cake to blow out allows the birthday boy or girl to make a silent wish. The wish is supposed to come true on the day of your birthday only! Also you are not to share the wish with anyone otherwise it will be doomed from the start. Whatever your birthday candle beliefs are make sure that you don’t forget the candles! No birthday cake is complete without a candle to blow out.

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