The history of the party sandwich

Published : 16/03/2009 07:24:45
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Have you ever stopped to think about where the idea came from to put together that sandwich that you are about to serve at your party? It's actually got an interesting history behind it, and it was a very long time before it became a staple food for parties, and everyday eating.

It was back in 1762 when the fourth Earl of sandwich (and I am not making this up) was sitting around a poker table in a local gambling hall. He had been gambling all day and late into the night and was just beginning to feel the rumblings of hunger when he was dealt a very good hand. He couldn't leave the table now, but his stomach was becoming more and more insistent, and so he ordered his manservant to go and fetch him something he could eat at the table.

He told him he wanted a piece of beef between two pieces of bread to fill him up and when he received the meal, the first sandwich was born. Everyone there thought he had hit on a great idea, and was a bit jealous that they didn't have one for themselves. He went on playing and eventually took home over ten thousand pounds. Not a bad price for the inventor of the world’s most popular lunch.

As word of the sandwich spread, people began putting together their own ideas. Anything that they thought would compliment each other went between two pieces of bread. All kinds of bread, all different flavours and sizes, have been used topped with just about anything that you could imagine. Even today, great chefs compete to improve the sandwich. So, place down that party food with pride knowing that you are serving your guests a great piece of history. Just make sure that you put out plenty of condiments because everyone has their own area of expertise when creating the perfect party sandwich. From the club sandwich to the bacon butty, we all know exactly how we want it served.


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