The Mind-Blowing Self Working Card Trick SECRET!

Published : 07/02/2012 21:22:51
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A little while ago I wrote a blog post which described a truly astounding card trick which I suggested was self working and simple, and today I'm going to put you out of your misery and explain exactly how it works.

However, if you haven't yet read about what the trick looks like then read this blog post first, and then come back to read how to do it.

There's really only one secret to tell. The only tricky part is cutting the deck. That's it. The whole of the rest of the trick is entirely self working. The only job you have to do, apart from ham it up so your audience really do think that you have been possessed with some sort of god like power is to cut the pack into two equal halves as exactly as possible. Let's walk through the trick so we can understand exactly what you need to do, and when.

Firstly, shuffle a deck of cards (make sure it's a full pack of 52 - ditch the jokers) or borrow a pack if you like. Let your volunteer choose any card they like - they really can have a free choice.

Now while they are looking at the card and showing it to those either side of them, cut the deck into two equal piles. It doesn't matter if your one or two cards out, but try to get it split as evenly as possible. This might sound tricky, but in fact you'll be amazed how easy it is.

Just square the deck up, and then start to split the pack into two halves. Most people can actually cut a deck into almost exactly two equal halves, getting to within one or two cards every time. Try it and see.

Once you've done this one move, you're all set for the rest of the trick to work by itself. Place the two equal piles face down in front of you, and then ask the volunteer to place their card face down on either half. Then ask them to pick up the other half and place it on top, squaring the whole deck up.

Once they've done that, pick up the whole pack of cards and deal them out into four equal hands of thirteen cards, face down. Pick each pack of thirteen cards up, turn them over and ask the spectator to say yes or no, depending on whether their chosen card is in that pile. Make sure they understand not to give you any clues about which card it is, or where it is in the pile.

All you need to know is which of the four piles contains their card. Once you know this, ditch the other three piles as we don't need them anymore.

Now pick up the pack of thirteen cards and deal them face down into four piles. Because you have an odd number of cards one pile will have an extra card, so pick this pile up and ditch them. You will now have three piles in front of you, each containing three cards.

Pick the first pile up, face down, and ditch the top card and the bottom card. Do the same for the second pile, and the third. You will now have just three cards left on the table, in three different piles.

Pick these three cards up and assemble them to make one pile of three cards (making sure to keep the middle card in the middle, and all of the cards face down). Now ditch the top card and the bottom card, leaving just one single card out of the whole pack. Remember, the volunteer freely chose any card, and they put it back in the pack themselves, The only information they have told you is which quarter of the deck it is in, and you have now narrowed it down to one single card. Make sure you remind them of these facts, and reinforce the unlikelihood that you could possibly have found their card. Of course, you will have found their card, and when you turn it over you will be greeted with a barrage of astonishment, which should at least earn you the right to have the last Purple One from the tin.

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