The Notting Hill Carnival

Published : 04/06/2009 07:37:58
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Looking for a fun way to spend a few days in the summer? Want a little taste of the Caribbean, but don’t want to fly the whole family there? Love the idea of Mardi Gras, but just cannot get to New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you really need to investigate London’s own Notting Hill Carnival. I took a quick, unofficial survey of a few friends and family, and less than ten percent had ever even heard of this party.

I must confess, I had never heard of it either. I learned about it through a co-worker, while discussing a Mardi Gras party. A quick Google search revealed that one of the single largest street festivals in Europe takes place this year at the very end of August, and has been going on since before I was born! I discussed this with my wife, and we both agree that it would be fun for us and the kids. We are not sure that we will be able to go, though, but we are sure that, if we miss the real party, we can host a Notting Hill Carnival party in our neighbourhood. It may lack some of the authenticity of the real thing, but we can have fun with some of the key components-steel drum music, food, Caribbean beverages for both the kids and the adults.

In fact, we can set up a few of our older nieces and nephews to do face painting on all of the festival attendees. Sure, it will not be the same as going to New Orleans in February, or to the real Notting Hill carnival at the end of August, but we are pretty sure we can pull off an afternoon of fun, dancing, eating, and a generally festive atmosphere with a few party supplies and decorations. Who knows, maybe our little party can grow into Europe’s second largest street festival. John

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