The Perfect Gin and Tonic for Your Party Guests

Published : 22/07/2009 10:33:05
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Making the perfect gin and tonic for your party is a neat trick. Most people mix the refreshing drink without measuring, and therefore they run the risk of overloading people with strong drinks rather than offering them a nice refreshment. Learning to make the perfect party gin and tonic is almost like an art.

Gin and tonics are perfect for party time, especially summer party time, because of its cool and clean taste that is lighter than beer and other alcoholic beverages. Toasting in party tumblers is easier when the gin and tonic is mixed well and light but tasty. There is no reason why you can’t offer your party glasses filled with the type of well blended gin and tonic that brings your guests back for more without impairing them.

Most people go by the one ice cube rule. This implies that you add gin to the glass until the first ice cube on the bottom is covered. However, it is better to measure it out in ounces. In a regular half pint tumbler, you can use about 2 ounces of gin and mix it well (with a spoon, not your finger) for a well balanced taste.

Party time is about having a good time and being able to kick back and relax. Taxing your guests with faulty measuring tactics can lead to fast intoxication, which is often counter intuitive to producing the relaxed, kicked back environment that your party is going for.

Giving out perfect gin and tonic drinks at your party is just one easy step toward creating a nice, well balanced spirit while kicking back yourself for a well deserved break from the everyday stressors of life. Using a pre measured shot glass can help you create the perfect gin and tonic for your party.

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