The perfect pony birthday party

Published : 02/01/2009 07:30:28
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If your child is at that age where ponies are their number one obsession, and the one thing you cannot grant them as a pet, why not oblige their love by offering them a pony birthday party? There are many great ways you can create a wonderful pony birthday party in your home by simply using a little creativity and some planning beforehand.

For starters, you will want to start looking online for the standard party supplies such as pony plates, napkins, and glasses as well as miniature horses for the party bags and a pony birthday cake. Another great idea for party favors is to print out a pictures of horses, and tape them to lollipop sticks for a sweet treat to place in the party bags to fit your theme.

For entertainment, you can have the children create their own stick horses out of ice lolly sticks or have them create horse masks. If it is summer time, you could have each child create their horse mask and then print out paper sashes with the horse name they would like to go by. Then you can even hold horse races as part of your birthday party complete with prizes in the back garden or Local Park!

Another way to make this pony birthday party work in a slightly different format is to take the children along to your nearest donkey or pony sanctuary for the afternoon. Some offer pony rides for the kids's and as well as a great afternoon's entertainment you’ll also have the feel good factor of knowing this year your money has gone to a worthy cause. The kid's will just love the opportunity to interact with the animals and you may even choose to sponsor a pony for an extra birthday treat.

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