The Perfect Recipe For Celebrating A Corporate Event

Published : 15/08/2010 21:30:47
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

For corporate events a special celebratory cake is often a welcome addition to the day, whether it's an anniversary, expansion or other major milestone in the development and success of the company. A corporate cake is a great way to do this in style, and can be a centre piece that really attracts attention, and makes for a great photo opportunity for publicity, whether as part of a press release, news story, newsletter or other bulletin or publication.

But often the challenge of creating a corporate cake that looks professional and captures the design, colours, logo and style of the business is a difficult one. Fortunately we're able to help, and our corporate cake service has long proved popular with businesses and organisations looking for something different.

We're able to create cakes that incorporate your business logo and/or message in a 2D way, using sugar paper transfers, or in a spectacular 3D way that makes a real statement. Perhaps your business is celebrating an expansion, a move to a new building, the completion of a new building or the addition of a new building or premises to the existing business. What better way of celebrating this event than with a corporate cake that's actually built to look just like the new building?

Complete with the business logo or sign, this would make for a great photo opportunity that really helps to spread the message. A corporate cake really can serve as a great publicity opportunity, but of course it isn't just a model or a logo - it is designed to be eaten. One thing you don't want at a major corporate event is a cake that tastes bland and dull. A glorious promise that turns out to be bland and tasteless is not good at all. Fortunately we can help there as well, because our corporate cakes, which are always made by hand specially to order, taste fantastic. Contact us with your requirements and you'll be as amazed as your staff, guests or clients.

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