The Pink Power Ranger Turns 42 Today!

Published : 06/10/2012 09:00:28
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The Pink Power Ranger Turns 42 Today!It's a mighty morphin birthday today! We kick this weekend off by wishing a very happy birthday to Amy Jo Johnson, who (depending on your age) you may recall played the part of the Pink Ranger in the iconic and long running Power Rangers television series.

The Power Rangers are still as popular today as they were back in the early 90s when they helped to launch the Fox Kids series of programming, and with action figures and dressing up costumes children are having just as much fun leaping about saving the universe as ever. One of the appeals of the programme was that the young people were just ordinary individuals until they morphed, donning the skin tight suit and the unique, identifying helmet, becoming empowered with their own special ability and weapon.

Children could easily imagine themselves morphing into a superhero, and had great fun arguing in playgrounds about which ability was coolest. Amy Jo Johnson played the Pink Ranger, who was one of the main characters although she didn't appear in every series. But for girls this was a particularly cool hero, and don't forget that back in the early 90s having a high kicking, physically powerful female superhero was quite a statement.

Because the Power Rangers are still so popular today many children are keen to have a Power Rangers themed birthday party, and we can help here without you having to morph into a super parent. Or wear skin tight latex. Which really should be banned as an outfit for anyone over a certain age.

(Frankly if I put on a brightly coloured latex outfit I look less like a super hero and more like a Christmas tree decoration.) We have a great selection of Power Ranger party products, such as a couple of really fabulous Power Rangers birthday cakes! One features the Red Ranger, and the other is the Blue Ranger's helmet. We do a Power Rangers Operation Overdrive tablecover, and some really striking paper napkins. From Power Rangers Mystic Force party blowouts to banners, party cups and party bags, we can help your little heroes have a great time saving the world one fairy cake at a time!

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