The Rolling Stones Celebrate Their 50th Birthday

Published : 12/07/2012 10:06:14
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The Rolling Stones Celebrate Their 50th BirthdayJuly 12 is the 50th birthday of one of the biggest rock bands in the world. 50 years ago at London's Marquee Club a little-known rock band called the Rolling Stones played their first gig. Today a great many people are getting very excited about the fact that the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has revealed that the band have been meeting up for a few rehearsals. This is on top of the fact that for many years there have been many rumours circulating about a possible tour to celebrate the Rolling Stones golden anniversary. No details have been revealed yet, but if the last 50 years tell us anything, it's going to be a big one. The fact that today many children enjoy listening to the same rock anthems that both their parents and their grandparents listened to also reveals something about the durability of this legend. In fact one of the most popular party themes for children today is the rock star party theme. Browse our wide range of rock star party decorations and productsOn our site you can find quite a large range of rock star party decorations and party products, including banners, ceiling decorations, posters, balloons, cutouts and scene setters. For the table we have tablecloths, rock star confetti, plates, cups and napkins. It's a vibrantly coloured theme with a really distinctive look, and is ideal for children of a wide range of ages. If you're having a rock star themed party for your child, you might decide to theme some of the games and activities. Of course any games such as musical chairs or musical statues will have to be done to rock music, and we strongly recommend the Rolling Stones of course, but you can also have twists on traditional games, with pin the electric guitar on the rock star rather than pinning tails on donkeys!

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