The Secret To The Fastest Card Trick In The World

Published : 15/10/2010 14:16:07
Categories : Party Tricks

A few days ago I described a party trick which is extremely easy to do, and can easily be called the fastest party trick in the world. It involves just a pack of cards, and you can even borrow the cards if you don't happen to have a pack on you. This party trick can be done for the children, and even a children's pack of cards will often be enough.

The trick itself is easy enough to understand. You simply fan out the pack of cards and ask your volunteer to choose any one they like. They really do have a completely free choice. Once they've taken their card and looked at it carefully you offer them the squared up deck of cards face down, and asked them to slide their card face down into the pack anywhere they like.

Once they've done that, the pack is squared up neatly and put on the table in front of you. You now tell them that you are going to perform the fastest magic trick in the world, and instruct them to watch carefully, and to try not to blink. You then pick up the deck of cards in one hand and tell your volunteer to get ready and to watch carefully. You then very quickly whip the pack of cards behind your back, and just a second later bring the pack back out to your front and put it face down on the table again. You then explain that you have performed the trick, and ask your volunteer to spread the deck of cards out across the table. As they do so it is apparent that there is one card and one card only face up within the entire face down deck. Of course, it's their card! So how is it possible?

There's one little bit of preparation which you need to do with the cards, and that is to turn the card at the bottom of the pack the wrong way round. So you have a pack of cards face down, but the bottom card is face up. When you fan out the deck of cards to your volunteer just make sure that the bottom card isn't visible. Once they have chosen their card and looked at it, square the pack up and casually dropped your hand to your side.

As you do this turn the pack of cards over so that they are now all face up, but because the card which is now on the top has been turned over, it still looks as though the pack of cards is all face down. Offer them the pack of cards and ask them to slide their card anywhere they like into the facedown pack of cards. Of course really the pack of cards is face up, so the only two cards face down are the one on top, and their own card. So to carry out the miracle all that is necessary is to flick the pack of cards behind your back, turn over the top card and then turn the pack of cards back face down.

Once you've brought the pack of cards back out to the front and put it on the table your work is done, and you can now milk the applause all you like. An alternative ending is to place the pack of cards face up, spreading it out so that they can see that there is only one card face down. This enables you to reveal the fact that their card is the only one turned the wrong way round in a slightly more dramatic way. If you have any questions or comments about this party trick, do let us know. Remember, come back often because we have plenty more magic tricks up our sleeve for you to try!

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