The Solution To An Easy Bar Bet You'll Almost Always Win

Published : 10/07/2012 15:04:09
Categories : Party Tricks

In our previous blog post we teased you a little by describing a bar bet which is incredibly easy to win, and is also incredibly easy. Today we're going to put you out of your misery by providing you with the answer! The bet itself is to do with Roman numerals. This is something of a distraction, because most people aren't terribly familiar with Roman numerals, having perhaps a little bit of experience from their school days to draw upon, and a brief recollection of seeing them at the bottom of the credits on television. Often people will find this bet challenging because they spend too long trying to be clever about it, and trying to demonstrate that they really can work with Roman numerals if pushed. In fact, this bet has nothing at all to do with Roman numerals. Let me explain. The challenge is simply to write out the Roman numerals for the number 9. To do this is of course to write the letter I followed by X. You can see this in the diagram below.

The challenge is then to offer a pen or pencil to your gullible victims, sorry, friends, and challenge them to convert the 9 into a 6. They are only allowed to do this with a single stroke of the pen. That's it, just the two rules. Convert the Roman numerals for 9 into a 6 using one single stroke of the pen. It doesn't look possible does it? And yet the answer is so simple that if you haven't already worked it out yourself you will almost certainly kick yourself once we provide the solution. If you haven't managed to work this out, or indeed if you haven't really thought about it, do it now. Spend a few moments and see if you can work out how it is possible to convert the Roman numerals for 9 into the number 6. The image below will reveal the solution once you roll your mouse over it. Hover your mouse over the image of the Roman numerals for 9 below and the single stroke of a pen will be revealed as if by magic. We take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries sustained by kicks which may be self inflicted!  

Roll over this image with your mouse for the solution!

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