The top three lies you'll hear at a party

Published : 23/04/2009 06:05:07
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Everyone loves a party, and most people love the chance for a discreet nosy round other people's homes; put the two together and you've got party heaven for your average seasoned party-goer! Being a good guest at other people's houses does however require a degree of diplomacy and discretion that not all party-goers have mastered...those who have, however, are skilled in the arts of declaring delight at the decor in the downstairs loo, or professing that they simply MUST have that recipe for vegan hot-dogs. But here lies the rub; in these kinds of situations, is it better to fib your way through or simply tell it as you see it? For all the brutal truths I’ve heard at parties over the years, I've probably heard just as many blatant fibs...what are the top three lies you’ve ever heard at a party?

Some are the kinds that stop you in your tracks; some are the kind that you can simply pretend not to hear. The top three party lies probably involve food and drink, party décor and one's fellow guests; after all, there's always something to complain about at a party, whether it's the vol-au-vents or that boring guy you've been stuck next to for half an hour. And what are you going to do when your host sweeps past to ask whether you're having a lovely time? You’d be pretty brazen to voice your disappointment about any aspect of their party, so get those excuses ready or risk being asked to make a sharp exit!

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