The Two Bottles Bar Bet Solution And A Few Free Drinks

Published : 27/08/2010 20:47:06
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If you're a regular reader of this blog then you'll know that a few days ago I set you a challenge. This was a simple party trick that anyone can try, but unless you know the secret method it's almost impossible to do successfully.

In case you missed it, the challenge was as follows: You need two glass bottles, either Coke bottles or beer bottles are fine, and you start off by standing one bottle on the table normally. You then take some paper money, either a £20, £10 or £5 note is fine, and lay this over the open neck of the first bottle. Next take the second bottle and turn it upside down, balancing it on top of the first bottle so that the paper money is sandwiched between the two open necks of the bottles.

The challenge now is to remove the paper money without touching either of the bottles, and without either of the bottles falling over. If you've tried this yourself then you probably attempted to do the same thing which most people try, and that is to simply pull the paper money out from between the bottles as quickly as possible. However, no matter how quickly you succeed at pulling the note out, you will almost certainly have found that at least the top bottle falls over, if not both.

It seems infuriatingly simple yet devilishly difficult at the same time. So what's the secret? The way to do it is actually very simple: hold one end of the note between the thumb and forefinger of one hand. However you are not going to move this hand and you are not going to pull on the note, you are simply holding that end of the note still and steady. With the other hand hold out your first finger a few inches above the midpoint between where you're holding the paper note and the bottles.

The next move may require a little practice but the secret is to simply not think and just act quickly! What you're going to do is a sort of karate chop with your finger. As quickly and as smoothly as possible karate chop with your first finger the middle of the bit of paper that's sticking out on the side that you are holding with the other hand. If you do it correctly then you'll be left holding the note with both bottles still standing under. Try it now, and leave a comment about how you got on.

More party tricks to follow, so check out this blog regularly for more ideas! Just to keep you going whilst you're practising that first trick, here's another cheeky little bet that is great fun, and a tremendous way of getting yourself a few free drinks. All you need for this is a sucker, sorry friend, a drink (preferably theirs), and a hat that is big enough to fit over the drink completely. Walk up to your friend and drop your hat cleanly over their drink, completely covering it. Now explain to them that you have magical powers, and that without touching the table, or hat you are able to completely drink everything in their glass.

Of course, they won't believe you, and will be completely confident that their drink is safe. Once you have gained their confidence then you need to ham up a little bit of acting. Do whatever you feel appropriate, but make sure you overdo it. Pretend to be drinking, bob down, make slurping noises, do whatever you like to make it look as though you are trying to do something amazing, whilst actually looking a little as though you've had a few too many drinks already.

After a few seconds stand up and declare that you have successfully completed the task. Clearly they won't believe you and will probably say as much. If they don't believe you then simply asked them to prove that you haven't. As soon as they lift the hat up to reveal the drink still sitting happily in the glass, quickly reach forwards, pick up the glass and down it. You have successfully emptied their drink without touching either the table or the hat. This is probably not a trick to try to repeat too many times in one night!

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