The Ultimate Way To Serve A Tropical Cocktail

Published : 02/06/2011 12:39:51
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As the summer (eventually) begins to make its presence felt (usually on the day after a bleak Bank Holiday) thoughts tend to turn towards summer parties, barbecues on hot, lazy summer evenings and al fresco lunches with friends. Of course, one of the clues that summer really is here is the cocktail, traditionally decorated with all of the various accoutrements from umbrellas and cherries to dangling hula hula girls and LED ice cubes.

But we think we can go one further than that. At we have the ULTIMATE COCKTAIL ACCESSORY. We can guarantee that your friends will be completely outdone, and that your summer cocktail party will definitely be the talking point for some time to come. The great thing about it is that with this accessory you can transfer the entire party indoors should the weather turn foul, and after a few drinks no one will even notice! So, what is this ultimate cocktail accessory?

Our cocktail accessory is very simple - it's a tropical paradise island. Well, what better way to enjoy a cocktail than sitting in the shade of a palm tree, surrounded by hula girls, watching a perfect sunset reflected in cool, calm tropical waves? Throw in a few silk garlands, toucans and pineapples and we think you'd be hard pressed to come up with a better cocktail accessory. Of course, if your name happens to be Richard Branson then this is all fairly easy - you even have your own private jet to fly your guests to your private island. However, if your bank balance has slightly fewer commas separating the thousands, millions and billions waiting to be spent, then you may be interested to know that our cocktail accessory is a good deal cheaper than the second rate alternative known as the 'real thing'.

To begin with, if you have a wall or fence then purchase either the Tropical Sunset Room Roll or the Beach Room Roll. These only cost a little over £11 and yet for this you get a massive scene setter that's over 12 metres long! Even better, if you purchase the Tropical Sunset Room Roll you can buy the Ocean Blue Room Roll and attach it underneath to create a seamless backdrop that's 12.2 metres long and a massive 2.4 metres tall! There's just no other way of shipping you and all your friends and family to a paradise island for less than £25.

But there's more. Because we have a few other very low cost accessories to help bring this paradise island to life. For example, you could add palm trees by purchasing either our Palm Tree Jointed Cutout (6 feet tall and under £6) or our fabulous Inflatable Palm Tree (6 feet tall and just over £11).

Unfortunately we're unable to supply live hula girls (something about EU regulations on shipping live humans via the postal service or something) but we can supply some fantastic 2D cutouts, including our Hula Girl Jointed Cutout, our Polynesian Dancer Jointed Cutout and a Tiki Man Jointed Cutout. Throw in a few Pineapple Honeycomb Decorations and Tropical Toucan Decorations, not forgetting to hand out a Silk Neck Garland to everybody, and perhaps some Flower Wristbands and we think you'll be hard pressed to find a better cocktail accessory than this.

One of the great things about these items is that they are all easily reusable, and can even be transferred indoors should the weather turn a little inclement. If you're really set on creating an outrageously imaginative tropical party then visit our Tropical Party page here for more ideas:

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