Theme your 1950's Rock and Roll Party like this

Published : 26/05/2009 06:34:04
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How about throwing a party based on a 50's rock and roll theme, with music that has real words and understandable lyrics that don't sound like they were born in a landfill somewhere? A rock and roll party with a 1950's theme will be fun for everyone, especially the kids. The party supplies shop will have all the back ground accessories that you will need to dress up your venue just like a 1950's malt shop.

I suggest a soda shop room setter for the back wall and a scene setter for an adjacent wall that has all the counter top accessories depicted. You can find a juke box scene setter for another wall and while you are at it, add Elvis, and Buddy Holly, maybe Marilyn Monroe, life size, stand alone cutouts too. Set up a milkshake bar with a blender and plenty of tall red paper cups for the milk shakes.

In case you have forgotten the recipe it's two scoops of ice cream blended with 10oz milk and any flavouring you want to add, strawberries and chocolate syrup are always good additions. What's a milk shake without a good hamburger and chips, for these you will need 1950's themed paper plates and napkins all of which are readily available at your party supplies store.

The piece de resistance will of course be the 1950's music, so gather all your friends and have them bring as many records or tapes from that era as they can find. If no one wants to part with their collection you can find CD's featuring the most popular rock and roll songs of the era at your music store or on line. Girls in fluffy skirts with lots of petty coats and guys with button down collars, rolled up jeans and penny loafers will complete the theme of your 1950's rock and roll party.

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