Theming Party Food For Children's Parties

Published : 13/12/2011 23:00:10
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For your next children's birthday party you could simply plonk down a bowl of crisps, a plate of ham sandwiches, a platter of sausage rolls and a stack of cakes. But perhaps there's something else you could do which would make this party food tie in with the theme of the party a little better. If your child is having a pirate themed birthday party, which is certainly one of the more popular choices at the moment, then maybe you could try to tie in the party food to this theme. Let me offer a few suggestions. You know that jug of juice you have sitting there? How about drawing, or printing off a pirate themed label which explains clearly to all budding scallywags that this 'ere be Pirate Grog.

You can easily label plates of food such as sandwiches and sausage rolls using sandwich flags. You can label these anything you like, such as transforming crisps into 'Pieces of Eight', cheese sandwiches into 'Map Slices' and of course the plate of cocktail sausages could be 'Pirate Fingers'! It's surprising how simply labelling food like this sparks children's imaginations, and often you'll find less food being thrown away at the end. Children have fantastic imaginations, and just by doing something as simple as this you can turn the meal into another game. Of course, planning a children's party and preparing the party food is time consuming, but if you do find you can call upon some extra help and you have enough time you can always try doing one or two fancy things with the food. For example, rather than cutting the sandwiches into triangles or rectangles, how about cutting them into bone shapes? Or skulls? Just draw or print out a template onto cardboard, cut it out and then use this as a template. If you have any suggestions of how you can turn ordinary party food into themed food, do please share your suggestions by using the comments box below!

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