There's No Need To Bottle Out Of This Party Trick

Published : 22/08/2010 22:09:46
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Whether it's a dinner party, a casual party with friends, an adult party or a children's birthday party, one of the best things you can do is to learn a great party trick. And I don't mean that thing you do when you bend over backwards tie your feet in a knot over your head and suck your big toe. Quite honestly it's enough to put most people off their caviar, and the few who find it actually quite stimulating aren't the sort of people you should be socialising with anyway. No, what I'm referring to are those fiendish little bar tricks people do.

They're always really popular, and a great way to get people talking and having fun. The only problem for most people when it comes to party tricks is that it's always someone else who seems to know them. Like the punch lines to jokes. Which reminds me, did you hear the one about the Irish chicken who crossed an Englishman with a road?

No, hang on a minute. Never mind - in today's blog I'm going to introduce you to a party trick which is very simple, needs no preparation or fancy props, and will be guaranteed to have people pleading with you to put them out of their misery! Here it goes. You'll need two glass bottles (coke bottles or beer bottles are fine), and you'll also need a £20 note. If you've got a child, a £10 note is fine. If you have more than one child, even a £5 note will be all right. If you can't even manage a £5 note then just what sort of a party are you putting on anyway? Stand one bottle up normally, then place the note over the top of the bottle.

Next take the second bottle and invert it, standing it on top of the first bottle. What you'll have are two bottles, one upside down on top of the other, with your money sandwiched in between. The challenge is simple. Just remove the note without touching the bottles in any way, and without the bottles falling over. The solution? You didn't think I'd just go right ahead and spoil the fun did you? Go and try it now, and I'll post the solution in a separate blog post shortly. I'll also be including some helpful advice on how to deal with glass cuts and scratched parquet flooring.

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