There's No Such Thing As A Gruffalo Party.. Or Is There?

Published : 05/11/2012 13:10:10
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There's No Such Thing As A Gruffalo Party.. Or Is There?How many times have you either read, or heard, the words "A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood"? If you are one of the many thousands of parents whose children adore the Gruffalo then you will be pleased to know that you can now easily create a Gruffalo themed birthday party for your child. Here are a few tips and ideas on creating a fantastic Gruffalo birthday party for your little monster. Julia Donaldson's book, The Gruffalo, has enchanted thousands of children, and resulted in not only a beautiful television adaptation (featuring an astonishing number of reputable voice actors) but a massive range of toys and other merchandise. This means that there is now a wide range of Gruffalo themed birthday products and decorations to choose from, making it much easier to put on a great party for your birthday child.

Decorating The Room For A Gruffalo Party

First of all, there's the room itself. One of the main things to look out for is a Gruffalo Happy Birthday banner. These look great either strung up along walls or windows, or even strung across a doorway if it's wide enough. If your child's birthday is on a school day then having a birthday banner in the front window facing out is a nice touch as they'll see it as they come home from school. You'll also want balloons of course, and you can get some great Gruffalo birthday balloons which include a picture of the 'beast' himself. Three of these balloons tied up together and pinned in the corner of rooms makes a great display.

Gruffalo Themed Party Food Tables

One of the best ways of theming a birthday party is the food table of course. This is where the children really see the themed items clearly because they're sitting down looking at them right in front of their faces. So start with a Gruffalo tablecover, then add some Gruffalo paper plates. These are particularly bright and colourful, and really show up well. Don't forget the Gruffalo party cups too - these have a great little touch actually, because they have a Gruffalo paw drawn on the side, which means that as the child lifts up the drink it looks a little as though they have Gruffalo paws! Gruffalo napkins are a must, not only because they look great, but because small children, a birthday party and a table of crumbly, sticky food is a recipe for messy faces.

Theming The Games For A Gruffalo Party

But as well as having the party room and food table decked out with Gruffalo themed decorations don't forget the games too. We actually sell an official Gruffalo themed party game which takes a new twist on the old Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Instead, children are required to Pin the Tail on the Gruffalo, and one of the best things about this game, apart from the fact that it looks beautiful, is that the blindfold looks just like the Gruffalo's eyes. So whilst the child is blindfolded and unable to see to cheat, they look a little like the Gruffalo looking about! We also recommend buying a few extra Gruffalo balloons and using these in games too. So for example you could have the children divided into two or three teams, with each team lined up. The person at the front is then given the balloon and the team has to pass it all the way to the person at the back, but without using their hands or arms, and without the balloon touching the ground. Another game which we've tried and which has always proved popular is to grab some old clothes, the bigger the better, and get one child in each team to dress up in these. The rest of the team then has to stuff as many inflated balloons as possible into the clothes, creating a sort of monster! The winning team is the one who fits the most balloons inside the clothing. With a little thought it's quite easy to theme most traditional birthday games, and we know that a Gruffalo themed birthday party is always hugely popular. Just remember to serve up some Gruffalo pie!

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