Things That Go Goosebumps In The Night...

Published : 08/10/2012 10:25:30
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Things That Go Goosebumps In The Night...Today is the birthday of R.L. Stine, who is someone you will probably have heard of only if you have children of approximately junior school age, and who have a fascination with blood, guts, gore, monsters and ghouls of every hue.

R.L. Stine is an extremely popular and prolific American author of scary children's stories, most commonly known through his series known as 'Goosebumps'.

He has often been referred to as the Stephen King of children's books, and to date over 400 million of his books have been sold worldwide. So we wish Mr Stine a terror filled birthday, and hope that he enjoys things going bump in the night. If he does, it'll just give him even more ideas for future tales we're sure!

But it's probably worth realising today that it is now just 23 more dark nights until Halloween, and so if you're planning on having a spooky filled night of frights on the 31st, it's best to start planning now. One of the many things we can help with is the Halloween cake, ideal for if one of your children has a Halloween birthday, or if you're having a Halloween party with food.

We guarantee that our cakes will look just the part! From our 'de-fright-ful' gothic church cake to our classic Beetlejuice Halloween cake, and from our Tim Burton inspired Halloween graveyard cake to the downright revolting Halloween open chest cake (complete with blood, guts and bones!) these will certainly help to liven up the evening, although we promise that our Halloween cakes taste just as sweet and delicious as any of our other cakes! They only LOOK revolting, (although admittedly we did lose a cook's assistant a while back, and the mixer has been making some funny noises lately...) So if Halloween is your thing, then start making plans now, because it's frightening just how quickly time flies when your clock is tied to a broomstick at midnight...

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