Things To Consider When Choosing Your Cake

Published : 25/05/2016 11:08:37
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“So many cakes to chose from, so little time” such a common dilemma when planning a party.

To help make your decision a little easier, we have a list of the top things to consider when choosing your cake for a party. 

1. What is your party’s theme?

When organising a party, Pinterest is your friend. Flick through the boards and take a look at your options.  Find some ‘buzzwords’ for your party theme and base your planning around them. How your food will work within your party theme is one of the main things to consider when choosing your cake.

2. What is your budget?

Not always the most exciting of things to think about when planning a party, but an important question to ask yourself nonetheless. What size, style and cake-maker your budget will allow is something your must consider right from the start. A smaller budget doesn’t always mean that you cannot use a dedicated cake-maker; here at Parteaz we offer small parcel cakes starting from  £39 – however the larger your budget the more creative you can become with cake design, size and customisation.

3. Do your guests have any dietary requirements?

Within a large group of guests you’ll always come across a few that may have special requests/requirements when it comes to their dietary needs.  Considering these needs when choosing your cake can be a little bit of a minefield, however the simplest solution on offer is to have one main cake as your centrepiece, and then a smaller plain cakes reserved for your guests with allergies (you may need more than one cake if there are guests with differing dietary requirements). Speak to your cake-maker when planning your cake to discuss any concerns you may have when it comes to catering for guests with specific dietary requirements.

4. How do you plan on serving your cake?

For most people the biggest things they consider when choosing a cake are flavour and design. However looking past these choices and deciding upon how you wish the cake to be served can help greatly when meeting with a cake maker to discuss your options.

If you are planning on the cake being taken home in party bags then its best to consider an iced cake that can travel well, and a sponge that will stay fresh for a good few days after the party. However if you are planning on dishing up the cake to your guests as dessert at your event, then the possibility of fresh cream or sweet berries should be considered to add colour and decoration to the plate when served. 

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