Thinking about a Carpet Party

Published : 20/02/2009 13:52:05
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

When we bought our house ten years ago, it was locked in the early seventies. The previous owners had not updated the place since then. One of our first things to tear out was this hideous orange thick pile carpet. Beautiful hardwood floors were beneath the carpet. The only problem was, we did not have the first clue in how to proceed.

My wife's brother had done a job like this recently in his house, so our strategy to solicit his help was to throw a carpet party. To help set the theme, my wife did absolutely nothing at all. There were no party supplies other than a few bits of left over plain colour party tableware, paper plates and such stuff. There were no decorations. There was no cake. However I did have to commend my wife on her technical ability in dialling up 3 pizzas and garlic bread for the occasion.

The house was mostly empty, and we did not bother to clean it. My brother in law warned us that the carpet backing would likely shred, making a mess. We wore masks over our noses and mouths to help us keep from breathing the small fibres. We worked through the main room, pulling up carpet, slicing it into one meter wide strips, rolling the strips, then bundling them for disposal. Then we worked our way up the stairs and into the upstairs hallway. It was hot, slow, tiring work.

My wife and sister in law followed behind us, loosening and removing the tack strips that lined the intersection of floor and wall. Our niece was still in a baby carriage at the time, or I am sure she would have been put to work too.

It may not have been a fun carpet party, but we did get the entire job done. The floors are beautiful, and I tell that story when friends or family move into a new place. I fear it may come back to haunt me, as my sister and her husband are moving shortly. She is contemplating the work detail parties she would like to have, based on my example. Carpet party number three is brewing!

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