Thinking about buying a new BBQ?

Published : 13/05/2009 21:22:50
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Research, Research, Research, if you are going to buy a new BBQ grille it's a very good idea to know in general what you want before you go shopping. Figure out what you need and what you don't, all the extras cost more money and some that are available you may never use. Start by deciding what sort of outdoor cooking you will normally do. Do you usually cook for a party or mostly for the family. If you do cook for a party, how many guests do you normally have, and what do you prefer to cook.

All these questions pertain to the size of the BBQ you should get. For instance; if you normally cook hot dogs and hamburgers you can get by with a smaller grille than if you cook steaks, and if you only have two friends you don't need a unit that can accommodate a dozen. Another determining factor in choosing the size of the unit is the amount of room you have and if the grille needs to be portable or can be fixed in position.   This last factor is useful to determine if propane or a hook up to the natural gas line is appropriate. BBQ's vary hugely in price, the simplest can go for around fifty quid, and the ones with all the whistles and bells, can run a thousand or more. Most of the difference is in the features and the infrastructure needed to accommodate the unit. One guy might use a smoker box every time he has a party, the next might never use one. If your BBQ's are all daytime events you don’t need lights. A rotisserie is very nice for cooking a chicken but if you are only doing hamburgers you won’t need it. Keep it as simple as you can to keep the price down, and take care of your BBQ unit, keep it clean and covered when not in use and it will last for many years to come.

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