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Published : 19/02/2009 18:46:55
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

My five year old daughter goes to a school with a very creative art teacher. Recently, to complement a lesson on anatomy, the art teacher came up with a really great idea. The kids laid down on large sheets of paper and traced the outlines of each others' bodies. They then drew in their hearts and lungs. My daughter brought her trace home and proudly announced, "This is me!"

My eight year old son thought this was great, and it got even better when I told the kids that I made a tracing of myself when I was young. I used to have an imaginary friend named Mike that nobody else could see. I got tired of everybody sitting on Mike, so I traced myself and cut out a representation of my imaginary friend.

My son thought his sister would look even better with more details, and suddenly we had a party on our hands. The kids added clothes with felt pens. They tried drawing hair, but my daughter's hair was not a part of the original cutout. The party slowed, but was not over. Jaffa cakes and drinks were served. There were no party supplies, decorations or even party bags for that matter but the kid's were having a wail of a time. My wife suggested cutting out some hair from paper. That was a good experiment, but did not truly capture my daughter's style. My son suggested wool, and that was an even better idea. The kids cut wool to the right length and glued it to the head of the cutout.

By the time the work was done, my daughter had a great likeness of herself. She took it upstairs to her bedroom, and invited her friend from across the street to come and take a look. She introduced her friend to her cutout again with the words, "This is me!" We are going to have this party again, and invite our neighbour. The girls are planning on making themselves into princesses next time.

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