Thomas Birthday Party cake fares better than Nemo!

Published : 05/12/2008 13:50:39
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

My sister married into a family that loves to cook, she is from a family that loves when others cook! For two years, she resisted pressure from the in-laws. Finally, for her son's first birthday party, she gave in and cooked. More accurately, she baked.

My sister took advantage of her in-laws. They were tricked into hosting the party. Our nephew's first birthday was to be a grand event. We live in the same town as her in-laws, so we had a short commute. My sister had to come in from out of town. Family came in from all over. My brother and his wife, who rarely leave their own house much less their town, showed up for this party. A second cousin, sensing a free meal, also made an appearance.

My sister's in-laws made most of the food. My sister baked a Nemo birthday party cake. She did a phenomenal job of baking and decorating this cake to look just like that silly fish. Baby boy, as she refers to her son, wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He ate mashed carrots and noodles, but wouldn't touch the cake. She smeared some icing on his lips, to tempt him. He cried until she wiped it off. We teased her about this for the better part of a year.

His second birthday party was not as much of an ordeal, family called to wish happy birthday, but there was no huge party this time. No pressure. About three months before his second birthday discovered Thomas the Tank Engine toys, so she ordered a Thomas cake. Ordered, not baked. He loved it! No pressure, no grandparents watching, the boy jumped right in. What he didn't eat, he wore. It's not the most scientific testing, but Thomas is a clear favourite over Nemo.

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