Three Ways To Prevent Broken Crockery At Your Next Party

Published : 06/09/2010 22:34:43
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Planning and Entertainment

If there's one thing likely to let down the fun and enjoyment of a good party is having to face a mountain of washing-up afterwards. It is when you start planning the buffet food selection, contemplating the various benefits of small food items which can be crammed onto fewer plates, versus large food items which will fill guests up enough to reduce the overall selection of food, and therefore the number of plates used, that you realise that the washing-up is the unwelcome guest at your party who is starting to take over.

Another thing which is likely to reduce the enjoyment of an outdoor barbecue with your friends and family is seen your best china perched unceremoniously on the edge of the garden wall, and your best glasses scattered liberally around the patio causing the dog to develop a particularly creative interpretation of a samba in order to reach his water bowl. If either of these circumstances sounds at all familiar then it may well be worth considering one of three possible alternatives.

The first option is to completely cover every surface of your garden with bubblewrap. It may be necessary to cover some surfaces, such as patios, with several layers of bubblewrap. This is likely to reduce the potential damage caused by glasses being knocked over, plates placed on hard ground, or crockery dropped. It will also help the dog to express his samba interpretation with an audible rhythmic accompaniment of rather pleasing pops. The second alternative is slightly easier.

Simply don't invite any of your guests to your parties. By having your party entirely on your own you can relax, knowing that your crockery and glasses are in the safest possible hands. If neither of these options sounds particularly appealing then you may consider a third option as a possible solution. Catering disposables and disposable standard tableware is readily available through our website, highly affordable, and yet sturdy enough to cope with anything from a hot sausage to a hastily implanted cheese and pineapple cocktail stick. Our catering tableware is certainly cheaper and more convenient than bubblewrap, and allows for a much more sociable party.

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