Thrilling Quasar Party Experience

Published : 26/06/2009 07:02:43
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For the ultimate in futuristic partying, book a quasar party for thrilling party play. For once, you can dump the idea of loading the house with party supplies and take the kids and their friends (or just your friends) out for a quasar party. Quasar parties are futuristic fighting parties, much like laser tag. These parties are rapidly gathering popularity all over because they are more fun than most organized parties and can be done for less than one might expect. The more popular they become the lower the price has become, as the supply and demand are finally starting to even out on some level.

In most cases, a quasar party will require 6 participants and very few children under the age of 6 are permitted into the lot. Additionally, most kids must be 4 feet tall at a bare minimum, although there have been some exceptions made for kids that are older but are much shorter than their classmates. Almost all kids under the age of either 14 or 16 will require at least one parent to be present during the entire quasar party. It should be noted that children and adults that suffer from epilepsy, eyesight problems, or heart problems are generally highly discouraged from participating in a quasar party.

The mission of a quasar party is to freeze all your opponents from the game by zapping them with your laser like gun. The winner of the game will be the one that ends the timed game with the fewest zaps.

Quasar parties are great for kids. They are also great for adults. Most of us didn’t really have access to such parties when we were turning twelve, so now is the time to make up for it. Schedule one party for your kid's birthday and then pencil yourself in for your own. The experience is worth dragging along a few friends who think you have been spending too much time locked away with small children, at least until they get strapped up and start firing.

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