Throw a dance party for your teenager

Published : 28/12/2008 14:19:46
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Most young teenagers love the idea of throwing a party; it is usually the parents who are not such big fans. If you know that it is time to give into your young teenager and allow her to have a party for her upcoming birthday party (yes with boy's too) you might consider hosting a dance party. However, to help keep things clean, consider asking her if she wants to have a themed decade dance party instead.

Most teenagers love the idea of decade themes such as the fifties, seventies, or eighties because it gives them the chance to dress up and show off their outfits to their friend's. As a bonus to you, this should result in keeping the dance moves and the outfits just a bit cleaner while the kid's are out dancing to KC and the Sunshine Band or Elvis depending on the decade your child chooses.

For any dance party, you will still need to plan the essentials such as a party buffet since children eat plenty while in their teens so you might head online to purchase fifties cups, plates, or tablecovers or of course any other decade choices they may have.

One thing nice about choosing a fifties dance party theme is that you can buy centrepieces that look like jukeboxes, and themed 50's cutouts to hang on the wall. Even a records room setter can add a nice touch to 50’s party supplies and decorations. Of course, if your child chooses to go with a different decade you can choose different decorations, and they are easy to come by in similar formats.

Most of all, your child will love their chance to feel like an adult hosting their very own dance party, while still embracing the child within who just loves dressing up in disguise for an evening!

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