Throw a house party for no reason at all!

Published : 02/12/2008 13:31:47
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Some of the best things in life are those that are unplanned! Surprising and exciting simply because they are different. Nowadays most parties are for a reason and all of them whether it is Christmas, new years, or simply a good old birthday bash they seem to follow a pattern. Why not throw a house party for no reason at all? It stops there being pressure on anyone to reciprocate for birthdays and Christmas, it keeps pressure off for remembering the gifts and who gave what to whom. You can set the party and invite your closest friends along to join in the nothing at all party fun. In fact the only plan you will need for this party is a date, a time and party food and drink!

If you are one of those party goers that simply can't throw a party without a cake, at the no reason at all party you can have a nice chocolate or vanilla sponge simply without the special reason. The cake need not bare a design of many happy returns, or come adorned with decorations. You can have streamers, banners and any other party gear you feel will be appropriate for your house party. You can mix and match on purpose so that no one can claim you have had a specialist party. All phrases beginning with happy anything will be strictly banned at this party.

You could in fact very soon start a trend with increasing prices going up in town; many people could follow your trend and bring the night on the town to the house! You can Play some funky music to get the party started, and have some board games lying around, should your guests want to play. At this house party there really are no rules, other than the guests are respectfully requested not to trash it!

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