Throw a Party for next to nothing

Published : 21/03/2009 14:02:26
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

You want to throw a party to get your mind off the economy but the economy has your wallet a little thin! Here's what you do.

Muster your resources, invite only friends. A party doesn't need to be perfect if you are among friends. Inviting people you really like is half the battle.

A good idea when you are stretching your budget is to be smart about when to hold the party. Anything you need will be a whole lot cheaper just after a major holiday, the stores all stock up and when it’s over they need to get rid of excess inventory, and they will discount deeply to do so.

 If your party is to be in the winter plan it for a few days after Halloween or Thanks giving or Christmas. I know it's an unusual time to host a party but your friends will be delighted that you wanted to get together. They were probably with their families and will welcome a chance to be with friends.

In the summertime plan an outdoor party, there is lots of sunlight and if you have a cookout, lighting off the barbeque is no threat to your wallet. If you don’t have a grill then pick up a couple of disposable BBQ'S. If it's August or September, rather than June or July their BBQ stuff will be discounted around this time of year so look out for a bargain.

Supply the hamburgers and/or hot dogs and let your friends bring the rest. Make the purpose of your party to be with friends, the food and drink is just icing on the cake, so have cake too!

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