Throw a Pink Party and get extreme

Published : 19/06/2009 22:08:44
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Throwing a pink party for a boy would never cross your mind, unless you lived in our house! My eight and a half year old son is all boy, he hangs out with a group of friends that he has been playing football with for the last few years. They play together, go to school together, and tell a lot of fart jokes together. Surprisingly, several of his teammates have younger sisters that are right around the same age as my six year old daughter. We end up having a lot of activities together with these families. We, and they, are always looking for a good party idea.

My daughter and son have made a sport out of taunting each other. For about two years, I told my son we were going to throw him a Bratz birthday party. It became a bit of a family joke. My daughter really had fun, offering to arrange a Bratz party, a Barbie party, or a princess party for my son and his teammates. She figured that since her friends would be there too, it only made sense for the party to have a theme that would interest the girls too. She poked at him, discussing the merits of each theme. He rejected each one, of course. She smiled, crossed her arms, and announced her solution-she would throw a pink party!

My son groaned and covered his head. She started listing the pink things she would need-pink balloons, pink tablecloths, pink tableware, pink party cups and plates and of course pink party bags too. I got into the act and suggested pink flowers and pink lemonade. My wife suggested that we could get pink game shirts for his teammates. This was more than the poor boy could take, and he ran screaming from the room. He did come back a few minutes later and admit that the whole debate was good fun, but he really did not want a pink party - not under any circumstances.

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