Throw your own Coronation Street Party

Published : 14/01/2009 19:25:27
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Having a night in with your friends is always great, but if you want to make a real party out of it you might want to add a unique theme to your party by throwing a Coronation Street Party with fancy dress. After all, everybody loves the chance to have a pint of beer along with their friends. Although it may not be quite as much fun as a pint at the Rovers, you can be sure your friends will love the chance to dress up and party along with you.

In fact, if you really want to have some fun you might invite your friends to take on the character of each of the Coronation Street actors and have a real ball. With Steve just now finding out about Lloyd and Liz, you and your friends will definitely be able to orchestrate a few fireworks at your party. Throw in a few more plot twists and you’ll have enough substance for an entire nights entertainment. Be warned though, I still see my husband in leopard print as Bet Linch when ever I close my eyes!

For your party buffet, you may want to serve popular appetizers like Smiths scampi and lemon crisps, nuts and pork scratching's, or how about making one of Betty's famous hot pots to feed your hungry crew with some reality dining at the Rovers! Add in a few party supplies, wigs, poppers and maybe the odd confetti canon and watch your Coronation Street Party Drama unfold before your very eyes.

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