Throwing a dogs birthday party of the canine variety!

Published : 08/01/2009 18:35:37
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Need an excuse for a party but run out of party ideas or family birthdays to celebrate? Believe it or the answer to your problems may be sitting at your feet, or pawing at your legs. Yep, your little pooch may be all you need to plan your next birthday party, as it has become very popular for stars from Travis Barker to Victoria Beckham to plan birthday celebrations for their dogs.

For those of you who spoil your pets, (clothe them, let them travel with you, buy them gourmet dog food, you know who you are!) this may seem like a given, but for everyone else, a pet birthday party can actually be a load of fun for all involved.  This is because frankly put, everyone likes a reason to celebrate, even if that reason has four feet!

When planning a dogs birthday party, it is important to remember that for the most part, the birthday party is going to be more about your guests than your pet, as they are the ones you can actually interact with.  Thus, you may want to spice up your pet birthday by heading online to purchase dogs party supplies like cups, napkins, plates and other decorations. 

Zany dogs foil balloons are also a great way to spice up your party too. Just remember, that if the balloons start to fall you need to dispose of them as more curious (i.e. destructive like Marley!) may be inclined to have them for an alternative dinner treat.  So always have one eye on your pet, and their guests!

Of course, depending on the size of your pet and its temperament, only you can decide if you are simply going to have human guests or canine ones as well.  If you do invite several friends of yours and their dogs, you may want to purchase dogs party bags and fill them with chews and dog biscuits for treats.  This is so that your pets have a healthy alternative to the human party buffet, which they would love just as much!

While a dog birthday party may sound a little out there to some people, for other people it is simply a delight and a load of fun.  So if you fit into the later group grab your dog party supplies and start planning an event your little pup will love you for!

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